1. Made my 1st ice cream today. Used online recipe..6 Threes Ice Cream..adjusted quantities to fit this machine (more like 6 Twos Ice Cream).WooHoo!!!A bit less then 20 mins. and Yummy soft serve ice cream. Put the rest in the freezer and after dinner(about 2 hours later)had some more that was quite firm. Yes it’s soft serve but it’s really good soft serve and it firms up nicely in the freezer. No,it’s not instant and you have to prepare stuff ahead but this so so far superior to store bought (and I know what’s in it!!)’premium’ ice cream that it’s worth the time. I froze the bowl almost 24 hrs, I prepared the ice cream base a few hours before I made it so it would get really cold in the refrigerator and no problem. So follow the instructions and suggestions in the booklet and you’ll love the results. Only down side I can see right now is that the paddle is plastic and feels flimsy, I hope it lasts a good while. I didn’t expect Cuisinart to make such a flimsy thing!Oh, yeah…it’s made in China #:-(

  2. Holy crap, I loooove blueberries and cheesecake. This ice cream looks phenomenal! I think I’d add chopped pie crusts to it so it’d taste like blueberry cheesecake pie 🙂


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