• You can substitute other items if you don’t have oreos – but oreos give them a nice texture and flavor. We made them with Nestle dark chocolate and mint chips once. Delicious! My 4 year old and I are suckers for anything that is chocolate mint. 🙂

  1. Okay, first these look/sound really good. My problem, I tend to get a desire to bake either at night or when my baby is napping; therefore am not tying to run out for unsalted butter. I know totally my own fault for just not picking some up, I just never remember. But I’m actually commenting to ask, if you happen to have an answer, as to why half of recipes call for unsalted butter but then the rest just call for regular old salted butter?

    • I’m sorry… I guess wordpress stopped emailing me comment notifications for no reason or I would have replied much sooner!

      You could possibly use salted butter and omit some of the salt that is required in the dry ingredients.
      What recipes use salted butter that you have? The only one I have is for a hard sugar cookie used for fancy decorating, but the rest of the recipes I have are usually unsalted butter so you can control the amount of salt put into them. Did you make these yet? Can’t wait to hear!

    • Thanks Jamie! And thank you for visiting. Aren’t they pretty? Always awesome when they are tasty too and versatile. My son and I tried these with a bag of Nestle’s dark chocolate and mint chips. Fantastic.


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