1. Thank you for this–I have been googling how to cook a pork tenderloin and this looks like it couldn’t be simpler!

    • I used to use Pampered Chef’s BBQ rub on mine when I was a consultant. Loved it! But yes, it is really easy and the key I think is the probe thermometer. It lets me forget about the meat until it beeps when ready. Pork tenderloin is hard to judge for me because it is done (145 degrees) but still pink in the middle.


  1. […] This meal was incredibly easy to put together as it was melt in your mouth tender and flavorful- as many pork tenderloin meals are (except for a balsamic vinegar one I saw on Pinterest… It was one of my fail recipes).  To make this recipe: I simply mixed the 3 ingredients up in a baggie and threw it into the oven (or you could grill it).  Don’t like Lemon Rosemary?  Try these pork tenderloin recipes! […]

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