• You have me literally laughing out loud! Thank you dear. Just checked your website. Secret recipe club?! How cool is that!

    • That is a great idea! I will start researching how to put a pinit button on my items. Thanks so much!

  1. Thanks for this info. I’m considering doing this for my son’s 6th birthday but I’m not very experienced with icing. Also, how did you cut out the shapes?

    • I didn’t have angry bird cookie cutters, so I took my circle, oval and triangle cookie cutter and used them as templates on white notebook paper. Then I altered the design by adding the feathers on the notebook paper. I cut out the shapes from the paper and then placed the template on the cookie dough. Using a sharp paring knife, I cut around the paper to create the cookie shape. You can do this for any cookie that you want and create all kinds of shapes! Cookie cutters just make things a little faster.


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