1. that is so nice!! i was searching the net for our angry birds Christmas office party theme!!! that “stack” game & DIY balloons are so great!!! that’s what i needed ^_^

    thank you for parting your ideas on the net 🙂

  2. you have done an amazing job! Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas and for putting them on the web! You really made my day

  3. DId you cover the boxes with brown paper, or how do you suggest getting the boxes all brown to look like wood?

    • No, the boxes were from Costco. They always have a huge stash out front because they don’t bag anything. Grocery store boxes are the best bet. Most stores stock early morning/overnight and crush their boxes mid morning. So, I would call the grocery manager of the nearest grocery store for boxes.
      For the wood grain, we used a black crayola marker and drew on them. If you can’t find brown boxes, you could use the brown paper from brown paper bags at the grocery store and cover them with that instead. Hope that helps!


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