1. […] yummy – and no extra preservatives that the manufactured ones put in their marshmallows.  Here is the recipe for the marshmallows and below is the recipe for the cocoa blocks. The great thing about these two recipes are that they […]

  2. […] Want failproof fudge?  Why yes it is!  The secret is the marshmallow creme.  It helps stabilize the fudge and keep it from crystallizing.  After some failed attempts in my college dormroom without a candy thermometer, this is what I finally ended up making over and over and over.  I love this because it is easy to make, tastes great every time and doesn’t dirty up a lot of dishes.  You have one pot to clean.  That’s it.  Not too shabby after dirtying up the kitchen making those homemade marshmallows! […]

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