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Scarecrow Crunch

Happy Friday!!

This is a fun snack for Fall – it really looks and tastes like Fall.  Great for parties or divide up as a snack or hand out in pretty cellophane bags.  This recipe makes a LOT!  It filled up my two huge salad bowls if that gives you an idea of how much it makes.  Next time, I would mix it all in my large roasting pan and then put into pretty bowls – a lot easier that way.  There are a lot of combinations, so it is really versatile.

If this is for homeschooling or a classroom setting, you could make a graph of each ingredient and then the kids could graph how many each of them have in a bar graph!  Here is a link to more on that idea.

Scarecrow Crunch
yield – a lot, okay no really about 15 cups

4 cups crunchy oatmeal squares (like Quaker Oat Squares)
4 cups tiny twist pretzels
22-24 oz. autumn candy corn or autumn mix honey candy like mini pumpkins
2 cups of Reese’s pieces or autumn M&M’s
12 oz. caramel corn with or without nuts
7-8oz. chocolate graham crackers (Teddy Grahams or Annie’s Bunny Grahams)

Mix it all up and enjoy!

Recipe adapted from Just Make Stuff


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