1. Would love to try this but do you go up the sides and continue on to the middle or do you do sides then come out from the middle? (Oooh, I don’t know if that made sense! LOL!)

    • Makes complete sense! And something that was not included in many tutorials I found online, so I should include that point. I did the sides first. That way when I did the top, it could cover that edge and hang over a bit if I needed it to, if that makes sense.
      1. Go around the sides.
      2. Start in the middle of the cake top and do the spiral (where you have to do each petal separately), or take the lines out from the middle to the edge of the cake on top like spokes on wheel (where you can do several petals at once just like the sides).

      The advantage I do see doing it the spiral method is that you don’t have that pesky problem of what to do with the last line. But again, this could be used a number of ways. Many people leave the top flat for writing or just for aesthetics. Or you could do these on cupcakes.

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