1. Hello fellow rep! I have a customer who found your blog and wants me to offer this workshop. Is it a combination of several other workshops? I recognize some of the names from other workshops so I wasn’t sure if they were the same recipe, or just same name. I figured easier to ask YOU the source than try to search around all those wonderful workshops and try to figure out where this came from. Thanks!

    • Hi! Yes, it is a mash of a few workshop recipes and others I added and adapted with Wildtree products. I took a few favorites from Get Your Grill On and Everyday Meals and then added some of my own replacing some of the recipes that kids may not like such as the Cajun shrimp. I hope that makes sense! I do have another rep adapting this workshop to the Wildtree format. I would love to just create workshops all day! 🙂 Hope this helps. I actually did this as a workshop for someone as a rep as well. We ordered the Wildtree ingredients and then I used the workshop documents included here on my post. Let me know if you have any questions!

      • Perfect! I also love making workshops. I did the vegan crockpot one and the new kabob grilling one. So much fun! Thanks for clarifying. I just don’t want someone to sign up for a Get Your Grill On after doing this workshop and be confused when meals are the same. 🙂

  2. Could you please send me the recipes for this workshop? Your email link to contact you is not working. Thanks!


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