Halloween Bags

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My son and I made these during the “Fall party” in his Kindergarten class this year.   It was really fun!  I love crafts that are practical and can be made in different and creative ways.  I try to steer clear of the “craft kits” – all the fake foam seems to end up in the trash can before you can say “40% off any one item at Michael’s”.  🙂

You could use these at a party or to give to the neighborhood kids.  Fill them with snacks, snack mixes, candy or anything you like!

Kindergarten Party:
Snack:  We had fun making Scarecrow Crunch with an optional game to graph each ingredient.  A mom decorated the mandarin orange slices with pumpkin faces.
Games:   1.  Tossed spiders into a giant spider web.  2.  Poured baking soda and vinegar into Jack O Lanterns and watched them “puke” or “erupt.”  3.  Throw rings around pumpkins on the floor.
Craft:  We made these bags

First Grade Party:
If you just happen to be room mom for the second year in a row (a-hem), then here are some ideas:
Snack: apples and caramel dip.  Apple juice or cider.  Popcorn
Games: 1.  Fall/Halloween BINGO with pictures instead of words or numbers of Fall items; 2.  “Hot Potato” using a mini pumpkin instead of a potato; 3.  Since the teacher has a lot of leftover marshmallows, we are doing marshmallow relay races as in this magazine article I read in the summer using popcorn
Craft:  We are going to read “Dragon’s Halloween” and decorate mini pumpkins.  Our Co-op sells half a bushel of pumpkins much cheaper than in the stores.

Here are photos of the bags we made.  This idea was found on The Celebration Shoppe’s website.  You can use the bags to hold snacks, small treats, small toys or just decoration.

Spider Bag:
1 white lunch bag, 1 black marker, 1 piece of black construction paper, gluestick
Cut 1″ black circle, a 2 or 3″ black circle and small legs.  Fold the legs like an accordion.  Draw spiderweb on bag first.  Then, glue spider.

Spooky Bag_2CR

Owl Bag:
1 brown paper bag, 2 cupcake liners, 1 piece of orange construction paper, 1 piece of white paper
Fold 2 cupcake liners in half.  Glue as shown below.  Cut out 2 eyes that are 1″ circles and 1 small triangle nose from orange paper.  Cut out 2 – 2″ white circles.  Glue as shown.  Cut out wings as shown below.  Glue them on to the sides of the brown bag and make small slits on the side.  Feather out the slits to look like feathers.

Spooky Bag_1CR

Monster Bag:
1 brown bag, 1 piece of green construction paper, 1 piece of black paper, red crepe paper and green crepe paper
Cut or punch 2 – 1″ eyes out of black.  Cut out eyebrows from green paper and glue the eyes as shown.  Cut out mouth/teeth as shown below using the bag to make the dimensions.  Cut 1 piece of red crepe paper the width of the bag.  Glue on.  Cut out a green tongue from the green crepe paper.  Glue on the teeth with the tongue glued on with it.

Spooky Bag_4CR

Cat bag:
1 white paper bag, 1 black piece of paper, 1 green piece of paper, 1 black marker
Cut out eyebrows, ears, nose and whiskers from black paper.  Glue on.  Cut out green eyes.  Draw pupils on the eyes and glue on.  Add mouth with a marker.

Spooky BagCR


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