• Hi Hilary! It tastes just like the store bought – I was really surprised. I have been looking for Maddox’s Yoda in order to do a photo of this as Yoda Soda. Your kids would probably like it, too. You mix 1/4 cup lime juice with 3 Tb. of sugar (or I used stevia equivalent/3 packets) and add 1 cup club soda or other sparkling water. Add the lime sherbet to a tall glass and pour the lime juice mixture on top. It’s like a mini lime punch, but very delicious and cool treat. And anything called Yoda Soda has to be good LOL

      • I bought the ingredients today! So we will have it by the end of the week. (I better go put my ice cream maker bowl into the freezer!) Believe it or not (LOL) we have the Star Wars cook book with the Yoda Soda recipe in it. But I would not have remembered that, so thanks! I’m sure the kids will LOVE it.

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