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For My Favorite “PEEP” Cookies

Easter Cookies-1988 on Whisk Together 2

Here are some great Easter tips and recipes if you are still searching for something to bring on Sunday.  Or, if you just want something “spring”y to take to work – these cookies would work perfectly!

Royal Icing

Sugar Cookies (I did not use baking powder)

I used an egg shaped cookie cutter from my big 100 count bag of cheap, plastic cookie cutters.  I used 20 second (probably more like 15-20 seconds) icing.  I am just too lazy and impatient to outline and flood every cookie when I can get the same effect using this icing.  Plus, since I am using wet icing on wet icing, the outlining might be counterproductive.  The Wet on Wet technique is super easy and pretty.  Flood your egg cookie with flood icing.  After 5 seconds, take another color and draw a straight line across the egg.  Draw another one using another color – alternating as in the photo.  Then, drag your toothpick up and down to create the swirls.  Dry for 8-12 hours.

Easter Cookies-1998 on Whisk Together


The bunnies and peeps were made with the Wilton Peeps Cookie Cutter.  I found the set at Walmart for $1.88.   Or keep your eye out on Monday when all the Easter stuff goes half off.   The bunnies are Americolor Fuschia which I really like and think it mimicked the real peeps perfectly.  Of course, it would be super cool to also sprinkle some sanding sugar on them while wet to make them look like real marshmallow peeps covered in sugar.

Easter Cookies-2010 on Whisk Together


Easter Cookies-2024 on Whisk Together


This is my “GO TO” Ham recipe.  Like forever and ever.

Best Ham Ever on Whisk Together

This is my favorite Fruit Pizza Recipe.  Although now I change it and add Fiori di Sicilia to the cream cheese mixture.  If you don’t have this – it is awesome and worth the splurge.  Or, use orange zest – about 2 teaspoons, or 1 tsp of zest and 1 tsp vanilla.

*Tip*  It is difficult to spread the gooey cookie dough.  I have tried olive oil sprays, silicone spatulas and everything.  The best thing that has worked for me is a metal offset spatula – like the one you use for frosting cakes and such.  The metal doesn’t even need oiled.  It just slides over easily and is the best method for spreading the gooey cookie dough into a pizza shape.

Below was my attempt at St. Patrick’s Day Fruit pizza with shamrocks made of kiwi.  I think this shape or 9×13 worked better for a crowd than a pizza pan as I have done in the past.  Fruit Pizza-1857 - on Whisk Together

For decoration, I took some pastel eggs I cut from cardstock and then put “Happy Easter” on them.  I was going to put them in the foyer straight, or over a long wall in the house.  But, they looked so cute when I put them near the round mirror in the foyer and almost looked like a flower.  Super easy and cheap.  The letters could be written in.  Or, cut by hand.

Easter Egg Banner-1985 on Whisk Together

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