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Here is my chore chart idea and summer calendar.  We don’t adhere to the schedule a ton, but it has a lot of flexibility and the kids like to know what’s for dinner.   Our first craft for summer was tie dye t-shirts!  This is our second year doing them and I need a separate blog post for them because I’ve learned some things along the way doing these year after year.



Here is the chore door hanger for the kids.  You can find foam door hangers at Michael’s in packages of 9 or 10.  I didn’t need that many, so I made my own from this template, foam and thin adhesive foam in their favorite colors at Michael’s.



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First, print out your template. Cut it out and trace onto a thick piece of craft foam.  I used white.

Chore Door Hanger-2574

Cut out the foam with an X-acto knife or scissors.  Repeat onto the adhesive foam color of your choice.

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Chore Door Hanger-2579

Peel the backing off of the adhesive and stick to the thick white foam.
I found some foam stickers from another project to add their names to the door hangers.  Or you could use permanent marker.  Do not use vinyl – it doesn’t work!


For the chores, I took clothespins from the dollar store and wrote down their chores as shown on the clothespin.  Stickers were too big, vinyl won’t adhere, so I just used a uniball pen to freehand it.  Or you could use a tin can, or keep them in a cup even!

The chores below are my starting point.  “1, 2, 3, 4” is an old standby we have used for 2 years.  I printed out a “the chores onto the Good Morning” chart for the 4 year old a while back that had photos of “1” – toilet (go to the bathroom); “2” – hairbrush (brush your hair); “3” – toothbrush (brush your teeth); “4”- clothes (get dressed).  Instead of saying these things over and over and over, we just say do your “1, 2, 3, 4”.

-Put Away Clothes
-Small Trash Cans (collect trash from the small cans; the big 33 gallon is hard for me to lift sometimes even)
-Vacuum Living Room
-Cat Food
-Clean Mirrors
-Take Off Sheets (basically strip the bed so I can wash it because we do this every end of the month)
-Cat Food
-Clean Sinks
-1,2,3,4 (explained above)
-Read 30 minutes
-Read 20 minutes




As a reward – I decided to try a daily chore reward allowance system.  They finish their chores on their clothespins and then at the end of the day, they collect their money on the hanging organizer.

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They don’t do their chores, they don’t get their allowance!

It made the morning SO much more productive because they knew what we were doing and what was expected of them.

Hope you had fun reading about our chore chart system!  I know there are a lot of them out there.  This one works for us and seemed easy and no need for pens, papers, etc.

Have a GREAT summer!


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