1. Hi! I have been having a hankering for cinnamon rolls for quite some time, but I keep ignoring the urge due my desire it eat a proteinful breakfast of eggs. I beyond glad to come across your blog post that is recent, has well written directions, and features excellent professional photography! Since I have not made cinnamon rolls since my middle school cooking class, I was wondering if it is possible to substitute water for milk. Because as a vegetarian, any little bit of protein counts.

    • I was thinking about my water bread recipes vs. milk bread. Most of the very soft recipes I have have like soft cinnamon rolls and honey wheat rolls use milk. My baguettes use water. So, substituting with water may yield a crispy cinnamon roll instead that signature doughy softness. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you Mary! I am still waiting to pick up yeast from my local grocery store. Once I satisfy my cinnamon roll craving while experimenting with more milk instead of water, I’ll let you know if they turn out as morning buns or cinnamon rolls. 😉

          • I am terribly sorry for the lack of clarity on my initial comment! As soon as I try this recipe with all milk, I promise to have you know of the results! 😉 And even though I do not own a bread machine, I might even tie some elements of the rave review bread machine cinnamon rolls

  2. I did it!! I used all milk and the cinnamon rolls were unbelievably soft! Thank you for your guidance in this post!!

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