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Homemade Deodorant

  Book:  I started reading “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman.  Our church did the bible study a few years back and the reviews are quite… interesting.  One of those books that has 5 star reviews or 1 star reviews and not much in the middle.  Either you are a “fan” of “Not a Fan”… …


Fall Fabric Wreath

Book:  Our bible study was talking about “serving” this past weekend which is funny because I’ve also been reading Bob Goff’s bestselling book “Love Does.”  It is a fantastic book about loving people and doing something about it.  The chapters are 2 pages each and only little 5 minute stories.  He spoke at our MOPS …


Chore Chart Door Hangers

    Here is my chore chart idea and summer calendar.  We don’t adhere to the schedule a ton, but it has a lot of flexibility and the kids like to know what’s for dinner.   Our first craft for summer was tie dye t-shirts!  This is our second year doing them and I need a …


How to Make a Snowflake Ornament

  Book Update:  I am almost finished with John Grisham’s “The Runaway Jury”.  It reads like a movie!  It probably was one…  and the movie could possibly be better than the book.  I like the book… but just a little far fetched for me.   Coming from someone who watches “Marvel: Agents of Shield” and …


Chalkboard Coasters

  Okay, so I finally joined the chalkboard bandwagon.  I like how these are so cheap and functional.  We purchased the white 4×4″ tiles from Lowe’s Hardware store for 2 cents each on clearance.  (Except for the first batch I purchased in August – those were 15 cents each.  Exact same thing.)  Though, they do …

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