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DIY Magnetic Notepad

A lot of people are searching for homemade Christmas presents or something that they can give to neighbors, teachers, etc. that they made that is useful and meaningful.  Bridget G. in our group presented this craft.  We made this craft at our MOPS meeting Monday morning and all the moms loved it.  It was really …


Apple Cozy Craft

Oh goodness it has been forever since I posted a craft.  I have several and just never got around to posting them.  Here is something that caught my eye in Parents magazine (that magazine says some weird things sometimes, but they do have good Gymboree coupons!).  It was pretty straightforward.  Since the holes can’t be …


No Sew Tutu

I haven’t posted a craft for a while and I have probably 3 or 4 tutorials sitting on my hard drive.  So, sit back, relax and look at the recipe index and visit Joann’s for some crafty need-not-be-too crafty crafts.  I try to keep these low cost as well.  Many times it can be frustrating …


Vanilla Beans and Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, I am more of a practical person.  I like stuff I can use and maybe even re-use over and over again.  This past month I came across a deal at Amazon for 1/2 lb. of Madagascar Vanilla Beans for $24 plus free shipping.  I sometimes wonder if they price most …

Craft Cupcakes Desserts

Angry Birds Cupcakes

Tomorrow:  I promise to post chocolate chocolate cupcakes with creamy filling.  I’ve already posted the chocolate cake here on the Angry Birds Cake post.   Just for you Uncle Ray! **Update** Honey Maid is now making Angry Bird Graham Crackers!!!  I wish these had been around last year for our party.  What a cool treat?! …


One Crafty Dress

After browsing Barnes and Noble, I came across Mary Abreu’s “Little Girls, Big Style” and fell in love with all the cute dresses, shirts and pants.  I think what also helps is the modern patterns and styles used throughout the book instead of the old, quilting type fabric that remind many people of sewing.  The …

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