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Decorative Wall Boxes Idea

Better Homes and Gardens had a beautiful dining room in greens and oranges in their April issue.  The bookshelves had fabric backing with white knick knacks inside.  Very pretty!  I don’t have built-in bookshelves, but I thought it would be a neat idea to use Decorative Wall Cubes you see at Kohls and Target to make …


How to make a Crayon Roll

In honor of having my Fold and Go Organizer on Money Saving Mom, here is another step by step craft.  Crayon rolls are rather inexpensive to make, but they can be life savers when collecting all those crayons from restaurants or keeping children’s crayons together in the car.  It makes a nice gift for any …


Fold and Go Organizer

How to Make a Fold and Go Organizer. I know I know… this is a food blog.  But, we can whisk together a sewing project or two also!   I’ve been sewing off and on for 10 years from my wedding dress to quilts to Halloween costumes.  I have tried to add as much detail …

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