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Pumpkin Cake with Maple Buttercream

Book Update:  I finished my freezer meal presentation for one MOPS group and it was a huge hit.  I can’t wait to finish the book.  Here are the sections so far:  Preface, Introduction, What foods you can freeze, what foods you cannot freeze, how to freeze (almost) everything methods, A chart of all cuts of …

Cupcakes Fruit

Margarita Cupcakes!

Soooooo…. I really wanted to publish this recipe before Cinco de Mayo.  Then, I had it in my crazy head that I could be in a show called “Oklahoma!” by Rodgers and Hammerstein which included 9 runnings of the show last week!  Plus chair our non-profit organization’s meeting on Saturday morning before a show at …


Vegan Tangerine Cupcakes

If you follow this blog, you will remember that I’m not a huge fan of chocolate.  I’ll take a good piece of chocolate cake or cupcake now and then, but given the choice I’ll take fruit dessert any day of the week.  So…. because I love fruit more and because my dear friend who I’m …


Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

Oh… why not another cupcake??  And after buying all those vanilla beans in order to make those 2Vanilla Bean Gifts, you need to use them up right?  I have a regular vanilla cupcake recipe on here as well.  That one was also delicious.  Very simple and classic. Method Explanation: All of the cold ingredients are …


Carrot Cake Cupcakes

It’s carrot cake in a cupcake!  I love carrot cake, but cupcakes are just easier when managing very large groups of people like 50 or more.  These were moist and flavorful.  I loved the cream cheese icing too!  These were so simple and fast to make when using the food processor.   But don’t forget …


Root Beer Float Cupcakes

If you want something that tastes delicious and is a little “different” then this is for you!  LOVE these cupcakes.  Easy to put together, taste delicious and you have the option of making 12 or 24 of them.  It’s also not from a box, so no nasty weird chemicals.  Like it says on the front …

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