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DIY Magnolia Wreath

  Good morning! School is out for summer and that means craft time!  I have been trying to come up with a few decorations for my new classroom next year and found the perfect paper to make a Magnolia Wreath.  This paper is in the “Earth” pack from Michael’s Craft Store.  Of course, any dark/medium …


Magic Eye String Art

Hello!  Here is an easy and fun art project for those stormy summer days.  String art is very popular right now and can be used to make anything from your initials, to objects, to this “magic” eye.   As they say: everything old is new again!  We made string art in Algebra II/Trig back when I …


DIY Photo Canvas Wall & Book Review

  I am super excited to show you this DIY canvas wall!!!  The possibilities are endless and the result is SO much fun. Photo canvases are cool… and very expensive.  Even a small 12″ photo canvas can run around $40 each.  This canvas wall cost about $50 for EVERYTHING.  They are so much fun to …

DIY Nuts

Homemade Honey Roasted Peanut Butter

There are few foods yummier than peanut butter.  Covered in chocolate, hidden in smoothies or eaten straight out of the jar, many people eat it even on a daily basis.  Entire cookbooks are dedicated just to this one ingredient! Today my friends, we take it up another notch. Another reason to consider making homemade peanut …


DIY Tutu Dress

Hello Everyone!  It’s my first shared blog post between Mary Riley Photography blog and this one.  I haven’t had a craft on here in a long time and thought I would share this no sew project that was super easy to do and my little girl LOVES this dress.  She had to show her teachers immediately! …


Perfect (at home) Pedicure

This is a little off-topic… maybe considered “a craft”???  But hey, it took me nearly 20 years to figure this out and therefore I figure I better share it with everybody!  During the winter, my feet get well… dry… flaky, cracked… really not pretty.  After going through many products over the years, I finally found …

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