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Main Dish Meat Pizza

Sausage Braid

Book Update:  I checked out the “Cooking Light: Way to Bake” from the library.  The photos are very pretty.  I hope the recipes are just as delicious!  I will try a few and have to report back.  The pumpkin honey beer bread looks sooooo good. Recipe Update:   This is another one I pulled from my …

Main Dish Meat Mexican

Taco Lasagna

After making the Mexican Beef Casserole, I was reminded of this classic that I have made over and over again since  2003 when “Quick Cooking” originally published the recipe.  It was published again in “Taste of Home’s Most Requested Recipes”.  I can see why!  This is a pretty fast and easy dish that is great …


Making Steak… in the Oven

This may be sacrilegious for some, but it was pretty cold outside on my husband’s birthday and I wasn’t about to go grilling outside.  There’s a reason why I got fleece PJ’s for Christmas that included a hood AND footies!  🙂  So, I researched and researched and found a way to make a sirloin steak inside.  I …

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