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Candy Chocolate Snack

Chocolate Popcorn

Well… this WAS made to pair with my caramel corn.  But the caramel corn burned the first time (pan was on the lower rack instead of middle-upper rack) and the caramel cooked too long the second time (because I was chopping apples to make apple butter).  What did I learn so you don’t have to? …


Homemade Kettle Corn

I had to skip yesterday’s post.  My deck needed staining, the church flag needed designing, subdivision needed managed, house needed cleaned, Freezer Meal workshops still underway, the kids needed … well… everything… and Monday and Tuesday are exercise days.  Apparently, one company was willing to come out to stain and sand my 12×24′ deck for …


Homemade Microwave Popcorn

I found this trick in one of my Alton Brown books.  It is how I make all my caramel popcorn and such, but never realized to put it on Whisk Together.  Since the FDA has asked the popcorn manufacturers to “voluntary” stop using chemicals that are potentially harmful in their popcorn bags, this was a …

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