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Bread Side Dish

Homemade Baguettes

Okay, I should call these “Quick Baguettes” because true French baguettes require a very long overnight rise time.  If you have that kind of time, here is a good French Baguette recipe.  Great for sandwiches, side dishes and soups! As for me and my house…. we will be making fast baguettes.  🙂  These are super …

Banana Bread

Yeast Banana Bread

    Book:  I am still on Dan Ariely’s “The Upside of Irrationality”.  It’s interesting…. but I still don’t see an upside.  His last experiment was basically about how we should break up our activities that we derive pleasure from (like read a book, hobbies, etc.) and just plow through those activities that we find …


Yeast Waffles

Remember those super yummy apple bacon waffles?  Well, here is how to make the yeast waffles that go with that recipe.  I LOVE yeast!!  The flavor, the smell, everything.  So, grab that jar of yeast from your fridge or freezer and let’s make a batch together!  This makes waffle making very easy in the morning because …

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