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Knock You Naked Brownies

Since it is the first day and all…  thought I would include another recipe!  Here’s to chocolate.  I’ve been making these for 5 years and they never ever disappointed.  People will bow at your feet and propose to marry you!  Make these today!

Knock You Naked Brownies

1 package German Chocolate cake mix
1c chopped nuts (I use pecans)
1/3+1/2c evaporated milk, divided
1/2c melted butter
1 bag Kraft wrapped caramels (14 oz. package), unwrapped
1c semisweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven 350 degrees.  Mix cake mix, nuts, 1/3c evaporated milk and melted butter together.  Divide into two portions.  Spread 1/2 of the batter into a 9×13 well greased pan.  You may need to flatten it into your hand first then push it into the pan.  It will be very thick!  Bake 8 minutes.  In the microwave or double broiler, heat and mix the  unwrapped caramels and 1/2c evaporated milk.  Pour over the baked layer and sprinkle on chocolate chips.  Put into the fridge for 1 hour.  Spread the other half of the mixture on top of the cold caramel/chocolate chip layer.  You will need to flatten with your hands first.  You don’t have to cover every single inch – I actually like the rivers of caramel anyway.  Bake for 25-28 minutes.  Completely cool and cut!

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  1. No wonder I liked these so much. This recipe is almost identical to a cake recipe I – Turtle Cake. It is one of may favorites and I had it for my birthday this year. Only difference is you make the cake mix as directed on box – the rest is the same. I used to take it places all the time and people LOVED it.

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