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My Meal Plan Worksheet

Every week I try and plan the meals we (meaning me) will make.  This lets me steer away from needless eating out, saving money and frequent trips to the grocery store.  Though with a baby, we make frequent trips anyway for formula, etc.

When couponing, I would plan my meals on Sunday after the coupon clippers have planned out the best attack with coupons and sale ads.  Then, Monday I would go shopping.
When not couponing, I plan my meals on Saturday and go shopping on Sunday.  I guess I could try couponing on Sunday and shop Saturday, but most of the deals are gone by then.  Major grocery shopping with a baby and active 4 year old is not fun and I try to avoid it when I can.  If I miss $7 in coupon deals to keep my sanity, then so be it.  That $7 was well worth it.

Here is my meal planning chart that I used and created.  Later, I plan on printing an excellent photo quality version and laminate it.  Then I can use dry erase markers on it over and over.  I tried using clear contact paper… but it didn’t work.

I cannot copyright it as the design background is from Carina Gardner, Inc.

I have attached the PDF here.  It is 16 Mb, or you can use the Jpeg file above.  I am not certain the Jpeg will print 8.5×11 for you though.  You may need to preview and adjust.

Meal Plan

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