I Met Alton Brown!!

I’m just so excited about meeting Alton Brown last night!  He is my hero 🙂  If you live near a book signing venue for his new book Good Eats 3 I would highly recommend going even if you don’t want to wait to get a book signed.  His Q&A was the funniest hour of my life.  Here is the Book Tour Schedule.

Here are a few things I remember from the Q&A:

Q: If you were to challenge any iron chef which one would it be and what would the secret ingredient be?

A:  Answered that definitely will never be cooking on Iron Chef because “I don’t want anyone to get my job.”  and Challenger Morimoto and “secret ingredient would be beenie weenies.”

Q:  I have a speech on BBQ tomorrow, can you give me a quote to use in it?

A: “BBQ is good.”

Q: What was your favorite donut shop in St. Louis?

A: “Drive In Donuts”Q:  What are your favorite foods?

A: Pie, Margaritas and BBQ

Q: Which Food Network Star did you want to win?

A: None of them.  When the First and only episode I was in earned the highest ratings, I am now in all 11 episodes of Food Network Star.

Q:  Besides yourself, who is the best chef in America?

A:  My Wife.

Q:  Asked a question about Matilda…

A:  Well, Matilda died.  And she died in my daughter’s bedroom.  I tried to explain to my daughter that dogs die near the thing they loved the most.  And my daughter replied, then why didn’t he die in the pantry?

Q:  Will the Food Network be doing any shows with vegetarian meals?

A:  <only 3 people clapped>  That is why we don’t do vegetarian meals.  By a show of hands only 3 people clapped.
Q:  Will you do another Feasting on Asphalt?
A: Yeah, it’s called Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.


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