One Crafty Dress

After browsing Barnes and Noble, I came across Mary Abreu’s “Little Girls, Big Style” and fell in love with all the cute dresses, shirts and pants.  I think what also helps is the modern patterns and styles used throughout the book instead of the old, quilting type fabric that remind many people of sewing.  The directions were pretty easy to follow, but I also knew how to sew.  I think without a video I might have been lost.  Here is the Ruffled Empire Peasant Dress/Top from the middle of the book.

And since the most popular post on this website was the “Fold and Go Organizer” … I thought I needed to add something crafty to th website.  Plus, this doesn’t make you gain weight either.  So, if you have a little girl, or a big girl, and a sewing machine, you may want to check out this book or buy it for a crafty friend.  You do not need a serger – it would have been nice, but I just used a zig zag stitch instead because I don’t do enough sewing to justify buying one.

Front of the Dress (above)

Back of the dress (above)  The ruffle is different.  We’ll just say it was intentional…  Actually it makes it much easier to tell which way is the front and which way is the back since there is no tag like a normal store-bought dress would have.

My model now 15 months old.


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