Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Bag


I found this in the Family Fun Magazine website and pinned it, but when I went back to the link it was dead.  So…  here is how I made their craft from the photo I still have.  I thought this would be fun to make and then fill with popcorn for the kids while we watch “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”  My crazy self actually made 20 of them for Maddox’s class party.  It took an hour while watching TV.  Not bad.

Plus, I had to find some use for all those bags I purchased for our Halloween craft here:

Spooky Bag_5CR

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Bag
yield 1 bag

1 brown paper lunch bag
red cardstock or construction paper, or a red pom pom
black cardstock or construction paper
1″ hole punch or use your scissors
2 googly eyes

1.  Fold the brown paper bag top over about 4″.

Reindeer Bag

2.  Cut a parabola from the folded edge to form the reindeer’s head.

Reindeer Bag_1
3.  Cut 2 pieces of black paper about 1″ wide into ovals or circles.  Now cut out two antlers.

reindeer bag_1CR
4.  Cut a 1″ circle from the red construction paper or use the pom pom.
5.  Use the leftover brown paper bag to cut out the ears – I made ovals about 1.5″ wide

reindeer bag_3
6.  Glue the googly eyes to the black circles.  Then glue those to the paper bag.

Reindeer Bag_2
7.  Glue on the nose.

reindeer bag_2CR
8.  Lift the flap and under the crease, glue the antlers.

reindeer bag_7
9.  Glue the brown ears to the antlers.

reindeer bag_8
10.  Ta dah!!!

reindeer bag_5

Now to make like 20 of these, I learned that you can cut the construction paper into thirds and get 3 antlers out of each strip.  This makes a total of 9 antlers per piece of construction paper.

reindeer bagCR

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