Better Rice Krispy Treats

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Happy Birthday!  My baby boy turns 6 today.  <sniff sniff>  I really like this age and wish he could stay this way forever sometimes.  Kids are so optimistic and full of energy.  He had his class party on Friday and that was really fun.  We threw snowballs at a homemade cardboard snowman (thank you Costco for your endless boxes), we smelled some smells to guess what it was, and we made musical instruments out of paper plates, rubber bands, shoe boxes and bells.  Why can’t I just buy those prepackaged foam crafts that don’t let you use one ounce of imagination?  It would make things so much easier.

Regarding the recipe: I never understood when I went to someone else’s house why their Rice Krispy treats always tasted different from my mom’s.  My mom’s Rice Krispy treats were gooey and delicious.  Many times I tried them, they were dry and had little taste.  I finally discovered why:  mom never used the recipe on the box.  The secret to gooey, delicious Rice Krispy treats all along was to use a stick of butter.  Not 3 tablespoons.  I’ve made these using gluten-free Kellogg’s Krispies and my neighbor and I agreed that we wouldn’t have been able to tell unless someone told us they were gluten free.  I make these now with Trader Joe’s Krispies since they don’t contain BHT like Kellogg’s and Great Value brands.

Better Rice Krispy Treats
yield 9×13

1 bag of mini or regular marshmallows (I believe they are 10 oz or 12 oz.)
8 Tb. (1/2 cup) butter
8 cups Rice Krispies cereal

1.  First, take your stick of butter and rub it around a 9×13 pan.  To spread it into the corners, I use the wax covering to smear the rest of the butter around.  Next, in a large pot, melt the butter on low.  Add marshmallows.
2.  I turn my pot to medium-low and stir once in a while until the marshmallows are all melted.
3.  Stir in the cereal.  Pour into pan and stick it in the fridge for an hour or so.   Like any rice krispy treat, they taste better the day they are made.  Keep air tight to store.

Or make Lego Krispy Treats:

rice Krispy legoCR

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