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Happy Thanksgiving & Freezer Meal Plan

Wildtree Everyday Freezer Meal Workshop_11 Crockpot

Happy Thanksgiving from me to your family!  To make the holidays go smoother, I have included another new ALL crockpot freezer meal workshop here.  It includes your grocery list, inventory, prep work – everything but the food!  It may take two hours, but it saves SO much more time in the long run.    If you do not have the Wildtree ingredients that are all organic, you may substitute with what you find at the grocery store.

Meals that we make in the slow cooker:

*Hawaiian Style Country Ribs
*Apple Balsamic Pork Roast
*Enchilada Pork Tacos with Marinated Onions
*Quick Crockpot Lasagna
*Ranch Chicken Chili
*Beef Enchilada Stew
*Buffalo Chicken Sliders
*Honey Hoisin Chicken Wraps
*Ranch Roasted Turkey Breast
*Pollo Asada Rice Bowls

**I have been asked to please contact me, or your local Wildtree representative, in regards to the bundle with the recipes, shopping list and labels.  Thank you!!

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