How to Make a Butterfly Wall (or any 3D object!)

How to Make a Butterfly Wall on Whisk Together

Craft time!
I have this super cute craft to share with you guys!  I found this page in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog that was just adorable.

Butterfly Wall-1965 on Whisk Together


Unfortunately, purchasing all of those pretty white picture frames would cost over $200 total or about $90 at the craft store.  Instead, I bought the Artist’s Loft Canvas Value Pack from Michael’s when they were on sale.  The squares I used were 8×8″ and the rectangles were 12″x16″.  However you can use whichever size works for you!  I just thought this was a pretty and inexpensive way to fill a large blank wall.  My total cost was $15 since I already had scrapbook paper.

I started thinking this would be cute in a boy’s room, too.  You could do bats like I did for Halloween (photo below of my foyer) or bugs like flies, grasshoppers, fireflies, bees, etc.  Anything with wings could go in a boys room.  The canvases could be painted a different color as well before placing the bugs or butterflies on them.  I would recommend acrylic paint (Michael’s carries an inexpensive brand) and a wide foam brush for beginners.



There are two sets of butterfly walls in these photos.  I made my own butterfly wall (light pink on blue walls) and then my friend Bryn said that would be cool to do, too!  So I took photos of making hers (bright pink).


Here are the materials you will need for a Butterfly wall like mine (Please feel free to deviate based on your walls!):

5 – 12×16″ canvas wrap (craft stores)
2 – 8×8″ canvas wraps (a third one would be super cute at the bottom middle)
5-7 sheets of 12″x12″ coordinating scrapbooking paper or cardstock
hot glue or Zots or craft glue
hammer and nails


1.  Measure your wall.  Figure out how many canvases and what size you need.  Or use my example as a guide.  If you have a smaller wall, just select smaller wraps like 6×6″ and 11×14″ or 8×10″.  Draw a mock up on some paper, or lay them out on the floor to get a visual.

Or better yet, cut out pieces of scrap paper the same size as the canvases.  Tape these pieces of paper to your walls to get a visual idea of where everything will go.  It’s easier to move tape than to hammer more nail holes!

Butterfly Wall-1961 on Whisk Together

2.  Cut butterflies of various sizes and shapes from scrapbooking paper.  I used scrapbook paper because companies coordinate their colors and prints.  I used my Silhouette machine to cut each butterfly.  You could also simply handcut them out from printables off the internet.  I would advise against cutting out antenna unless they are thick.

Butterfly Wall-1963 on Whisk Together

Be sure to plan your large butterflies and small butterflies.  The butterflies with 2 or 3 smaller ones on one canvas were really, really cute.  Lay out all your butterflies on your canvases like you want them to go.

3.  Take a butterfly and bend its wings using the flat edge of a ruler.  Bend towards the middle.  Or freehand this part.

Butterfly Wall-1976 on Whisk Together

Puff the wings up a bit.  They should naturally stick out on their own.

Butterfly Wall-1977 on Whisk Together

4.  Measure the center of the canvas (or center several small butterflies around a central point) and mark with a pencil.  Here is where you will adhere your butterfly using hot glue (careful!), tacky/craft glue or favorite … Zots. Zots are removable for a short time and permanent when left on.  There is no gooey mess and I just love them.

Butterfly wall-1700 on Whisk Together

5.  Once the glue dries (if using), hang your canvases up with hammer and nails.

Butterfly Wall2 on Whisk Together

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