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Lime Sherbet

HAPPY NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny story.  I made this sherbet for my kids and they couldn’t understand why it wasn’t green.  I asked, what do you mean?  They said, why isn’t it green like the stuff at the store.  Well, this is what ice cream looks like before the manufacturers add artificial food coloring. …

Desserts Ice Cream

Deep Fried Ice Cream Sundae

After you have made the Oats and Honey Granola from Friday’s post, you can make fast and easy Deep Fried Ice Cream Sundaes!  Casa Gallardo had the best deep fried ice cream sundaes, but they closed all of their restaurants and I haven’t found something that tasted close.  This recipe comes really, really close – …

Ice Cream

Maple Syrup Ice Cream

This ice cream was originally Maple Bacon Crunch Ice Cream.  I could never get the “crunch” to work.  I’ll put the instructions below mine, but basically you stir sugar on medium-high for 8 minutes or so.  Now, call me crazy however I think every recipe I’ve ever seen where you cook straight sugar state “DO …

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