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Candy Chocolate Snack

Chocolate Popcorn

Well… this WAS made to pair with my caramel corn.  But the caramel corn burned the first time (pan was on the lower rack instead of middle-upper rack) and the caramel cooked too long the second time (because I was chopping apples to make apple butter).  What did I learn so you don’t have to? …

Breakfast Snack

Super Duper Rice Krispy Treats

  *Book Update*:  I finished Shawn Anchor’s “Happiness Advantage” and continued on to his second book “Before Happiness.”  Some interesting tidbits:  a 1968 study yielded what we call the “Pygmalion Effect” basically proving child test scores rising simply because they were held at higher expectations.  Anchor conducted a study in regards to work, but instead …

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