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Breakfast Egg Meat

Sausage Egg Muffins

Hope everyone had a GREAT Halloween!  Ours was a little chilly…. like 37 degrees and hands freezing chilly.  But the kids got their loot before 8pm, so they were all happy.   Recipe:  All buggers aside, this recipe is SUPER yummy, SUPER easy, SUPER healthy and Freezer Friendly.  How can you go wrong?  I make …

Main Dish Meat Pizza

Sausage Braid

Book Update:  I checked out the “Cooking Light: Way to Bake” from the library.  The photos are very pretty.  I hope the recipes are just as delicious!  I will try a few and have to report back.  The pumpkin honey beer bread looks sooooo good. Recipe Update:   This is another one I pulled from my …

Breakfast Meat

Homemade Turkey Breakfast Sausage

In January 2012, the medical community released a study linking bacon and sausage to pancreatic cancer (in men, they didn’t see a correlation in women).  I understand correlation does not equal causation, but why take the chance.  Plus, making your own turkey sausage is a lot less expensive.  This sausage is freezer friendly just like regular …

Breakfast Meat Vegetables

Sausage Broccoli Bake

This breakfast or brunch recipe is wonderful!  So many ways to change it up and use different vegetables or meats.  I love omelets, but making them can be sometimes frustrating.  The eggs fall apart, the meats fall through the egg, the cheese goes everywhere.  But if you make this instead you still have an omelet …

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