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Maple Breakfast Sausage

Maple Breakfast Sausage on Whisk Together

I wish I could pour syrup onto everything.  Putting into meat is about just as good 🙂  Here is a copycat recipe for Jimmy Dean’s Maple Breakfast Sausage.  Of course, I lightened it up by testing it out on the ground turkey I buy a lot of at Costco.  The kids and I ate it all up!  The kids wanted to put salt on it… weird.  If you want to go traditional and the meat actually TASTE like breakfast sausage, then you need to use ground pork.

Tidbit I learned about cooking:  Per America’s Test Kitchen, you should freeze your butter until you are going to use it.  Now, I don’t mean that very second, but if you know you need to make some cookies the next day, pull the butter from the freezer the night before.  I freeze mine all the time because I buy it in bulk at Costco, but ATK says that butter picks up off-flavors in the fridge very easily and the best way to avoid this is to store butter in the freezer.

Maple Breakfast Sausage
yield 1 lb.

1 lb. ground pork (ground turkey works, just won’t be as good of a copycat to breakfast sausage)
3 Tb. maple syrup (works with the real stuff and the fake stuff)
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. coriander

1.  You can mix this the night before and it actually may help the flavor.
2.  Mix everything in a great big bowl.  I use my hands to mix it all up.
3.  Form into patties (my preference), or links or crumble for a casserole.  Cook in a skillet over medium heat until cooked through.


Recipe adapted from “Top Secret Recipes: Unlocked” by Todd Wilbur

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