1. Hi! This is Mary O. I’m a friend of Christine’s. I went to Trader Joe’s and bought some things off your list.

    I got the Quinoa infused chips (love them), JoJos (love), Cocoa Powder (way cheaper than in the store), mango (can’t wait to try), Joe’s O’s (can’t wait to try, but they totally need to change the name. lol.) and asparagus hearts. I love asparagus!! Thanks for the list!!

    • LOL ahhhh okay. That is hilarious. I’ll have to remember that next time I see you 😉
      Ooh, Costco has frozen pineapple. I bet that would be good in that smoothie you sent me! You got some great picks to try out!!!

  2. Keep letting me know about Trader Joe Products. I will definitely be buying the chips, mango and joe’s o’s and cocoa again. I like the jo jo’s, but I don’t really need them in the house. They are too tempting. Trader Joes doesn’t have frozen pineapple? or is it a better deal at Costco? I will send you more recipes as I find them. Have you ever tried a black bean brownie recipe? I have a really good one if you want it.

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