1. re: All the Light We Cannot See

    Okay, so, I totally feel you on this book. I know it’s super highly rated, which on one hand I kind of get, but on the other, I really had to slog through this book. The writing itself was literary and beautiful, but I had a lot of trouble really connecting with the story. I had to force myself to read the first 350 pages and then was finally invested in the story. It’s definitely one of those books that I appreciate and I’m glad I read it, but it was not the most enjoyable read for me. So… you’re not alone on not thinking it’s the greatest thing ever 🙂

    • THANK YOU!!!
      You are right. I should have mentioned the positive points of the novel. The two main characters are well developed. The writing is beautiful. But connecting with the story, like you said, is what I couldn’t get either.
      I may have had a different outlook if it wasn’t for the numerous Amazon reviews perhaps? Expectations are a powerful thing.

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