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Pulled Pork Kolache

Good Afternoon! The Super Bowl here in Missouri was quite the event – as you may have figured since the Kansas City Chiefs were playing!   To celebrate, I tried to recreate a delicious stuffed sandwich served at “St. Louis Kolache”.  A “kolache” is technically a sweet pastry with fruit in the middle that originated from …



It has been a loooooooooooong time since I posted cornbread!  Here is a super yummy and delicious cornbread recipe that does NOT require a whole stick of butter and a cup of sugar in it.  This is just plain, simple and healthy cornbread.  The youngest WhiskTogether kid made this herself in a bowl and didn’t …

Lemon Lasagna
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Lemon Lasagna

Good morning Sunshine!  Happy October!   Even though it is the end of summer – we are still making summer requests especially when someone is turning 9 years old!  They are right – time does fly! She wanted to have a blueberry cake and I said well… it might be good with another flavor like lemon, …

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