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Angry Birds Cupcakes

Tomorrow:  I promise to post chocolate chocolate cupcakes with creamy filling.  I’ve already posted the chocolate cake here on the Angry Birds Cake post.   Just for you Uncle Ray!

**Update** Honey Maid is now making Angry Bird Graham Crackers!!!  I wish these had been around last year for our party.  What a cool treat?!  Dip them in cheesecake dip or just eat them alone.  I saw them at Schnucks (local St. Louis grocery chain), so they may be at the bigger stores now.

But for now since the Angry Birds Party and Cake are so popular, I asked my friend Chrissy to provide photos of the cupcakes she made for her sons’ Angry Birds Party.

Here is her Cupcake for Red Bird:

Ingredients are below.  Quantity depends on how many cupcakes you want to make.

Red Bird Cupcake

red frosting (I really like this buttercream icing recipe)
large marshmallows
mini marshmallows
chocolate frosting
red jelly beans
orange wedge candy
mini chocolate chips
red colored sugar

1.  Have your cupcakes frosted smooth on top.  Dip in red colored sugar.
2.  Place 2 red jelly beans on top for feathers.  Cut 1 large marshmallow into thirds and two mini marshmallows in half.  Press the marshmallows into the cupcake sticky side down as shown above.
3.  Use a small writing tip, or trim the corner off of a ziplock bag filled with chocolate frosting.  Draw eyebrows.
4.  Place a tiny amount of frosting on the back of two mini chocolate chips.  Adhere to the mini marshmallows for pupils.
5.  Using scissors, cut a orange wedge candy into the shape of a beak.  They are quite pliable.

Blue Bird Cupcake

blue frosting (see Buttercream Icing for recipe)
blue sugar crystals
large marshmallows
mini marshmallows
chocolate frosting
mini chocolate chips
orange wedge candy

Follow instructions for Red Bird above.  Just skip the jelly beans.

Yellow Bird Cupcake

yellow frosting (buttercream recipe)
yellow colored sugar
chocolate frosting
black jelly beans
orange wedge candy
mini marshmallows
mini chocolate chips

Same Red Bird – just skip the large marshmallow step.

Piggie Cupcake

green frosting
green colored sugar
mini marshmallows
large marshmallows
green jelly beans

1.  Frosting the cupcake with green frosting.  Sprinkle or dip with green color sugar.
2.  Apply the jelly beans as ears.
3.  Cut the mini marshmallows in half and apply as eyes.  Dab a little frosting (chocolate preferably if you have it from making the birds) on the mini chocolate chips to adhere as pupils.
4.  Cut the large marshmallow into thirds or half… depending on how you like the snout.  Frost the marshmallow with green frosting and place on the cupcake.  Adhere two more mini chocolate chips to the snout with frosting.

Photos courtesy of Chrissy Ring
Photos Edited by Mary Ellen Riley


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  2. Love this tutorial – thanks so much!! I just made a few adjustments because I didn’t have some of the ingredients so I thought I’d share. 🙂
    – I used white icing and dipped the cupcakes in colored sugar (made with white sugar and a few drops of food coloring
    – Instead of jelly beans, I cut up mini marshmallows, stuck them on a toothpick, iced them and dipped them in colored sugar
    – Instead of using mini chocolate chips for the eyes and chocolate icing for the eyebrows, I just melted some chocolate chips and used a ziploc bag to pipe them on.

    Thanks for posting this, it saved me SO much time and the cupcakes look amazing!!

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