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Lime Sherbet on Whisk Together

Lime Sherbet

HAPPY NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny story.  I made this sherbet for my kids and they couldn’t understand why it wasn’t green.  I asked, what do you mean?  They said, why isn’t it green like the stuff at the store.  Well, this is what ice cream looks like before the manufacturers add artificial food coloring. […]

Mini Fruit Pizzas_8 on Whisk Together

100 Calorie Fruit Pizza Bites

 I am so encouraged and inspired by all the wonderful readers on Whisk Together and Money Saving Mom following my How I Lost 33 Pounds and Kept It Off for 3 Years.  A lot of great ideas in the comments as well.  I tried to keep the blog post down to the essentials.  Everyone is […]

Lose 30 pounds

How I Lost 33 lbs… &

The main goal of this post:  Yes, you CAN lose the baby weight.  And more importantly, you CAN keep it off.  You CAN do it for less than $30.  You CAN do this with a toddler in the house.  I’m not a superwoman.  I’m not an athlete.  I’m not someone who can do 10 reps […]

Summer Vegetable Tian on Whisk Together2

Summer Vegetable Tian with

*Book Update*  I finished “Before Happiness” by Shawn Achor and find it even better than his first book, “The Happiness Advantage.”  The problem with a lot of these college studies is their sample source:  young college students.  Most of us aren’t young college students and most of us were not privileged to attend Harvard, Yale […]

Rice Krispy Treats on Whisk Together

Super Duper Rice Krispy Treats

  *Book Update*:  I finished Shawn Anchor’s “Happiness Advantage” and continued on to his second book “Before Happiness.”  Some interesting tidbits:  a 1968 study yielded what we call the “Pygmalion Effect” basically proving child test scores rising simply because they were held at higher expectations.  Anchor conducted a study in regards to work, but instead […]

Batidos on Whisk Together

Batidos (Fruit Shakes)

  This recipe is from the Caribbean and Latin America.  Traditionally, the batido or “fruit shake” is made with any tropical fruit like pineapple, banana, mango, papaya, guava and passion fruit.  In the photo, I used strawberries because we had a lot of them to use up before going moldy.  Frozen fruit can be used […]