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Pumpkin Bowl Soup_7 on Whisk Together

Squash Soup in Pumpkin Bowls

These bowls are just too fun and cute!  I love being able to eat my bowl and soup at the same time.  Squash is everywhere this time of year and makes a great soup.  Need a shortcut?  Trader Joe’s and most other grocery stores sell butternut squash soup in those cardboard containers.  That way you […]

Baked Chocolate Donuts_6 on Whisk Together

Baked Chocolate Donuts

Well… I would have accomplished more this week if I hadn’t started watching “Once Upon a Time.”  You see, I needed a new show.  I only watch 2 TV shows (Castle and Marvel) and I exercise 5 times per week.  So I found “Once Upon a Time” on Netflix since several people commented Elsa was […]

Apple Pumpkin Gingerbread Muffins 2 on Whisk Together

Apple Pumpkin Gingerbread

I bribed my two children with Sheridan’s concretes this weekend in order to get our Fall photos done.  Juliana turned 4 just recently and I like these in lieu of the Fall school pictures for Maddox.  I loved all of them, so it was hard to choose what to put here!     My friends […]

Chocolate Popcorn_3 on Whisk Together

Chocolate Popcorn

Well… this WAS made to pair with my caramel corn.  But the caramel corn burned the first time (pan was on the lower rack instead of middle-upper rack) and the caramel cooked too long the second time (because I was chopping apples to make apple butter).  What did I learn so you don’t have to? […]

Rocky Ledge Bars_2 on Whisk Together

Rocky Ledge Bars & Freezer

  I have tried for a year to re-page number my book to no avail.  If someone knows how to unformat a document in Open Office that would be great.  My other option is to copy and paste it into a new document section by section, but somehow copying and pasting the book also transports […]

Berry Twist Bread_2 on Whisk Together

Lemon Berry Twist Bread &

Whew!  So I finally have a kitchen again that has more than 2 drawers, but with that comes LOTS of moving and unpacking.  Bonus – I didn’t have to exercise because I was moving furniture!  I love practical and functional in one  So here are the rooms I have done so far in the house. […]