Cheeseburger Sliders

  This recipe is a new Trivia Night staple!!!  My neighbor makes it every year – and everyone at the table drools over this each time.  Seriously!  It is hard to go wrong with burgers in a pan!  These taste similar to White Castle…but much, much better. I am not a huge cheeseburger fan by …

Bread Breakfast

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

These were the fluffiest cinnamon rolls that we ever had!  The flavors and texture were so light and airy, you would think it was diet food.  (Ha Ha – I wish!)  I love the layers and layers of cinnamon.  The 14″x20″  rectangle of dough really lends to the thin layers of dough between more layers …


Chocolate Cherry Sourdough

Good morning!  It is snowing here in St. Louis, so I have a cat on my lap and recipes to post! Our holidays were filled with laughter, travel, games and sourdough.  The first sourdough starter failed.  There were probably various reasons, but this first attempt was started from scratch.  My second attempt began with a …

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