• I hope you do! If you don’t have applesauce, you could use melted butter instead. It is just the healthier alternative to butter and oil anyway. Good luck and thanks for viewing!

  1. Hi! I’m trying this as an overnight recipe (that’s the point of the slow-cooker, right?) so I’m hoping it doesn’t burn to a crisp… we shall see! I shan’t turn it on till the moment before I go to bed, then hope for the best. Then again, I’m working on a paper till all hours tonight, so I might only be getting 3-5 hours’ sleep anyway…

    • Hi! Thanks for trying it. I have googled and researched the overnight method with oatmeal and they said it got crispy and overdone. But let us know if it works for you! I would love to hear the feedback on how it worked. I would definitely add some warm or cold milk to the top immediately before eating.


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