1. first time visit to you blog, am totally enjoying your posts as I read back a few days…

    I have been doing frozen waffles for my family for quite a few years now, but we don’t microwave them to warm them, we just toast them in the toaster — but it takes a knack to do it right. First pop into the toaster for about 30 seconds, this defrosts them, then cool for a moment and reinsert in toaster for whatever is the best setting for you — my son likes them quite dark — the second toasting makes them crisp up on the outside.

    • I’ll have to try that! Thanks for visiting. I love your crafts. I wish I could crochet. I just could never could get the knack of it.

  2. I have been planning on doing this lately… I am so glad I cam across your blog! I would love it if you have the chance to link up @ my blog this week!

  3. I love Alton Brown’s waffle recipe and I also use it regularly. But I have learned from experience that getting the wet ingredients to mix without the melted butter “seizing” is tricky. I’ve also learned that using the same amount of oil instead of butter will make for a crispier waffle – if that’s how your family likes them.! 🙂

    • I’ve never had a problem with the butter seizing. Are all the ingredients room temperature? If the hot melted butter hit cold eggs and/or buttermilk, then I can see that happening.
      Have you made his chocolate version? I haven’t but it looks awesome.

  4. We always go straight to the toaster with my homemade frozen waffles. Crispy & delicious! You can also sub mashed banana for the butter. Mmmm.

  5. Looks yummy. I’ll have to try these. I personally like my waffles in the toaster first then slathered with butter and put in the microwave until the butter is all melted and the middle of the waffle is soggy but the outside is crispy. Weird, I know 🙂

  6. I premake large batches of french toast every couple of weeks. It makes for a super easy breakfast for my son before he gets on the bus. Love it!

  7. My daughter loves the waffles. I use the Bisquick recipe and freeze them. Much cheaper than buying them in the box! This is a life-saver in the morning when trying to get out the door!

    • You’re welcome! Your blog ideas look great! I have a small tray with compartments like that. I will have to try it with the kiddos.

  8. Any idea how long these will keep in the freezer? Trying to estimate how many to make at a time. Thanks!

    • All of my books state that baked goods stored properly in the freezer will last for 3 months. Make sure all the air is sucked out of the bag with a straw for sure and if you know they will be in the freezer a while, double bag.

  9. Do you have a calorie listing for these waffles and your other recipes (especially the Baked Peach Blueberry Oatmeal)? They look tasty and healthier than my regular recipe!

      • Thank you so much!!! I just made the waffles this morning with 1/2 unbleached regular flour, 1/2 whole wheat flour and with applesauce instead of butter. They were really good! I’ll definitely make them again. Now I may just go make the baked oatmeal with the peaches and blueberries in my freezer!

  10. I made these today and used my five of hearts waffle iron. It made a ton because that iron makes thin waffles. My kids and I ate a bunch of hearts and they were delicious. It’s a great recipe. I plan to use the hearts to make little egg breakfast sandwiches throughout the next few weeks.


  1. […] I tried to cook some of this batter as a pancake… just to see what would happen.  It was a really, really thick pancake.  Not bad, but not my idea of a pancake even after I tried to thin the batter a bit.  The recipe makes a lot – which is great because you can always freeze the leftovers. […]

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