1. This sounds amazing!!! We have used the store bought stuff for so long and I recently I made some homemade seasoning that went over pretty well. There are still some requests for the store bought stuff so I obviously need to keep trying. I love America’s Test Kitchen which is another bonus. I don’t know if you tried their whole brick chicken but it is awsome too. I would love to know which book that recipe is in so that I could check it out too 🙂

    • I have almost always made my own seasoning mix because I like to control the salt content. I don’t think anyone can really overdo it on salt if you cook at home and avoid processed foods. But the packets and frozen foods really pack a punch. I do love those little flakes of flavor in the Ole Paso packets though.

      • We have loved the Ortega packages for years because the Old El Paso had onion flakes which we didn’t love but they changed their recipe. I only get them if I have a coupon to get them for free. The recipe that I have for the homemade taco seasoning, it didn’t tell me how to make them so I mixed it with a jar of blended salsa instead of water. If you are short on time (or ingredients), taco seasoning and jar of salsa works great 🙂


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