Sausage and Bean Soup

This hearty soup is pretty easy to put together.  I didn’t season it a lot because of the kids and the hubby thought it was a little off.  I think he is used to the richer Zuppa Toscana at Olive Garden which adds cream to their sausage soup.  But I loved it, so it is going on here 🙂  Great on a cold winter’s day.  Or a certain football game coming up in a few weeks!

Next post: Homemade Corn Muffins.  No more boxes.  But I believe from reading the Jiffy box there really isn’t anything bad in it.  The ingredients are the same that I use.  It is just easier to whip them up at home with on-hand ingredients.

Sausage and Bean Soup
yield 8 servings

1 lb. kielbasa, sliced 1/4″ on the bias
vegetable oil
8 cloves garlic, pressed
1 lb. red kidney beans, soaked 4 hours or overnight
2 qts. chicken broth
1 lb. red potatoes, cut 1/2″ cubes
6 oz. fresh kale, washed and torn into 1″ pieces
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
season to taste with salt esp. if you used low-sodium broth

1.  In a large 7 qt. pot (or you can squeeze into a 5 qt. pot… just be careful), saute the sausage on medium-low until brown (15 minutes).
2.   Keep the fat or add some vegetable oil to make 2 tsp. of fat.  Remove the sausage from the pot and add garlic.  Cook 1-2 minutes.  Stir frequently.
3.  Add beans and broth.  Cover and cook 45 minutes.
4.  Add potatoes.  Cover and cook 15 minutes.  Stir once in a while.
5.  Add kale.  Cover and cook 10 minutes.
6.  Add red wine vinegar (don’t worry you won’t taste it), pepper and sausage.

Recipe from “Alton Brown” called “Christmas Soup”


  1. Ha! Mary Ellen, I just got on here to find the corn muffins to make next week and saw the note in your latest post about them. I’ll watch for them later – they were incredibly yummy the other night!

    1. Yippee! Yes I put that on just for you! And to remind myself. It was one of those recipes that I make ALL the time and just figured was on here and it isn’t. I try to stagger out posts every two days. Unless you want to make them tonight then of course let me know!

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