Snow Cone Syrup

It is pretty hot here for March and April in St. Louis.  I bought a snow cone machine for 20 bucks off of Amazon and the kids really enjoy it.  They get their hydration and have a afternoon cool treat.  It’s a lot of fun.  Here is how I made the snow cone syrup.  I know I am almost always trying to find a way to avoid artificial color and flavors… but it is only a teaspoon of it or two per serving.  I often use Crystal Light, too.

Snow Cone Syrup

1- .22 oz. package of Kool-Aid (grape was yummy, but you pick your favorite)
2 cups sugar (I used half Splenda and half regular sugar with great results)
1 cup water

1.  Mix everything in a saucepan.  Heat to boiling for 1-2 minutes.

2.  Cool and store in the fridge.


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