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Here are the Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshops I have posted.   There are at least 12 workshops with additions every few months.  Feel free to email me about any of the ingredients.  You can purchase them, of course, or make your own Wildtree substitutes like taco seasoning or cajun seasoning.  Happy Freezing!

1.  Kid Friendly Freezer Meal Workshop – this one I developed myself around quick and natural products to meet the needs of my host.

2.  Crock Pot Freezer Workshop – Every meal is made in the slow cooker to save you time in the evening.  Dinner is already done and filling the kitchen with wonderful smells.

3.  Chicken Freezer Meal Plan – 9 meals made with chicken that I find on sale once every 3 months.  It is a real money saver to buy what is on sale in bulk and make meals this way rather than various meats that are probably full price.  Although, workshops using various meat is still cheaper than eating out and healthier than processed food.

Post 1:   Freezer Meal 101

Post 2:  Sloppy Joes

Post 3: Red Sauce

Post 4: Ricotta Calzones

Post 5: Minestrone Soup

Post 6: Easy Enchiladas

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