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Whole Grain Chia Waffles

Books:  For fiction, I am reading “Navigating Early” by Clare Vanderpool.  It is a Mark Twain nominee and she is the author of a Newberry Award winning novel as well.  So far enjoying the plot immensely.  It is about a young Kansas boy who has been uprooted and sent to Maine for boarding school.  He …

Breakfast Pumpkin

Spiced Pumpkin Waffles

Recipe:  These would be great for Thanksgiving morning!  Holy cow – these are spiced!  I loved them.  If you like pumpkin and gingerbread men, you will LOVE these waffles.  I have made them a few times trying several variations.  Applesauce turned them to mush.  Using less ground ginger made them a little bland.  Using white …


Oat Waffles and Freezer Burritos

saw these waffles on “Good Eats” and they seem similar to the original recipe with one major difference:  you use oats instead of flour.  You can make your own oat flour in the food processor or even the blender.  Though, I think it would be more difficult in the blender.  It only took 2 minutes …

Banana Breakfast Chocolate

Brownie Waffles

These made an awesome breakfast!  Nothing beats brownies for breakfast 🙂 You can also freeze these and thaw in the fridge.  I would then toast them for a short time in the toaster —> Crispy waffles! Brownie Waffles yield 12 4″ square waffles 1 c. all-purpose flour 3/4 c. whole wheat flour 1/2 cup cocoa …

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