Pumpkin Lunch for Halloween for Kids

This week is Halloween and I made a lunch for Maddox last Friday that I thought would be a fun idea for some.  Most of us have or have seen the cheap little orange pumpkin trick-or-treat pail at the stores.  I used this for a lunch box instead of his normal lunch.  Since I bring him his lunch on Fridays, I didn’t worry about it keeping cold.  This is something to consider, but peanut butter sandwiches and the like don’t require refrigeration anyway.

Here is what I did:

1.  Since the plastic containers were hard to get in and out, I used baggies this time.  I normally don’t, but it was a one time thing to use baggies.

2.  Make your child’s favorite sandwich.  Then take a pumpkin cookie cutter (I found this Wilton one on clearance after Halloween last year) and cut the sandwich to look like a pumpkin.

3.  Make pumpkin apple slices: I cored the apple first and then sliced it into 1/4″ slices.  I used my Pampered Chef little cutter set to cut the small pumpkins out of the center of the apple.

4.  Make pumpkin pumpkin bread!  I sliced up some pumpkin bread I had in the fridge into 1″ slices.  Then I cut them out using the same little pumpkin cutter.

Here is what was inside.  We all had a blast eating our “pumpkin lunch”!

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