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Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop

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**Update** I posted my most recent workshop on this link.  It is kid-friendly and includes the shopping list, recipes, bag labels and checklist!

As mentioned I am now a Wildtree representative and selling Wildtree products.  They are natural and made with real food!  And my allergy friends are so excited since everything is nut free.  One of the main reasons I liked Wildtree is their freezer meal workshops.  I tried creating my own and when you do…. well, it gets a little complicated because of all the different ingredients and who brings what.  Instead, I tested out one of the more popular freezer meal workshops: the Everyday Food workshop.

I started at 9:30pm last night and finished at 10:30pm.  I was done cleaning by 11pm.  Now granted I did not make one of the meals because my whole chicken that I bought that day from Schnucks was rancid.  So, I made from start to finish NINE meals in an hour and that included cutting the chicken up, chopping my vegetables, taking photos and getting out the ingredients from the pantry.  I’d say that was pretty good.  The first meal took the longest – the Easy Skillet Jambalaya.  That took from 9:30 to 9:55pm.  But after that, it was easy breezy.

First, I made my meal station.  Now at a normal party, you do not do everything at the same time like I did.  I prepped the meat and veggies as well as added the Wildtree products.  Normally, you prep the meat and veggies at home.  Bring them to your party.  And then add your Wildtree ingredients and obtain the recipes, labels, added ingredients that I bring to the party, etc.

Prior to the party, I provide the shopping list for the items.  Remember these are 10 meals that feed at least 4 servings each.

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Step One

My meal station:  Bowl for freezer meal, vegetable cutting station, meat or poultry cutting station, and garbage bag or can.

Wildtree Everyday Freezer Meal Workshop_9 on Whisk Together

Step Two***

Have your bundle together in front of you.  These are your main add-in ingredients.  The garlic grapeseed oil smells heavenly to garlic lovers like me.  You can swap another oil out of course.

***This is the step that many people would do at someone else’s house at a workshop.  You would prep your bags of meat and veggies at home and then come to Step Two at the host’s house.****

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Step Three

Wildtree Everyday Freezer Meal Workshop_2 on Whisk Together

Here are some of the additional items that the representative brings to the party.

Step Four

Wildtree Everyday Freezer Meal Workshop_6 on Whisk Together

Read over your recipe to add your items tot he bag.  Notice there is nutritional information included for each meal!!

Step Five

Wildtree Everyday Freezer Meal Workshop_7 on Whisk Together

Add your items to the bags of meat and veggies you brought to the party.

Step Six

Wildtree Everyday Freezer Meal Workshop_11 on Whisk Together

Add the label and throw it in your cooler!  You are done!  10 meals that are at least 4 servings each should last us about 3 weeks with the 2 kids.

Step Seven

Wildtree Everyday Freezer Meal Workshop_5 on Whisk Together

Check off your meals as you use them and you will know exactly what is in your freezer!

As I make these meals, I will review them and post the results.  My friend went through this workshop and has loved everything she has made.  While making this, everything smelled delicious and best of all – it was fast and easy!


  1. I’m a Wildtree Rep as well and someone found these selection of meals. Would you mind sharing the documents you created with me? Thanks so much!

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