DIY Magnetic Notepad

A lot of people are searching for homemade Christmas presents or something that they can give to neighbors, teachers, etc. that they made that is useful and meaningful.  Bridget G. in our group presented this craft.  We made this craft at our MOPS meeting Monday morning and all the moms loved it.  It was really easy and every person ended up with one that was cute.  I made two and then had a few stickers leftover to use my own stash to make another two.  I don’t have a huge scrapbooking stash and just used what I had on hand.


1 notepad – 3″x5″  (or simply make the backing 1″ wider and 5″ taller than the notepad you have on hand)
1 piece of thin cardboard, 4.5″x9.5″ (made from a cereal box)
1 piece of scrapbook or any pretty paper, 4.5″x9.5″
1 accent paper
1-3 accent stickers, ribbons, etc.
roll of magnetic tacky tape like here  (fun to have on hand with kids, too)
Zots or photograph stickers or some kind of double-sided sticker
optional:  glitter, added magnets, scissors with different shapes (aka Crazy scissors), ribbon, etc.

1.  Glue the 4.5″x9.5″ of paper to the cardboard.

2.  At this point, I like to lay everything out to how I want to put it and then glue it.

3.  Glue your main accent at the top or bottom.  Add more accents or stickers.

4.  Use the zots or other double-sided stickers to adhere to the back of the notepad.  I put them in the upper left and upper right.  Try not to touch the stickers, but put the notepad directly on one side and them remove the backing.  This way the oils from your hands will stay off the sticker.

5.  Add about a 1.5″ inch strip of magnetic tape to the top and bottom of the back of the project.

Here are some others I made.


  1. I’ve been looking for something to do with the Post-It note pads I found on clearance for 10 cents – here come teacher gifts! Thanks!!!

  2. The only problem with the business card magnets is they don’t seem to be as strong as the magnets you used in this project. Everything I’ve ever attached them to has slid down the fridge 🙁

  3. Very interesting. I had a magnetic notepad (shopping list size), and the notepad fell off of the back, so it doesn’t hang on my fridge anymore. I may be able to use this to put it back on my fridge! I would adjust the proportions accordingly. The thought had never crossed my mind!

  4. I finally made one of these to replace the grocery list notepad my MIL had on the fridge. I just used some extra notepads she had around the house, but was wondering, Mary Ellen, where you got the notepads you used because they are really cute.

    1. Hi! How is the house hunting? Do you have your own fridge yet? These notepads were given to me…. I will ask her where she got them. I asked a few months ago because other people emailed me as well about where I got them. and she never got back to me.

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